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Mach 1 
Years (1969 - 1973) 
These are pictures of a Mustang Mach 1. They were built from 1969 - 1973. This is my soon to be Project Car. If you have a Mach 1 that you are trying to get rid of, Please e-mail me. I plan on restoring a Mach 1 to all original parts and making it look like these following Mach 1's! Enjoy! 
The Following Mach 1's are 1969 - 
The Following Mach 1's are 1970 -  
The Following Mach 1's are 1971-  
The Following Mach 1's are 1972- 
The Followin Mach 1's are 1973 - 
This car is a very well built vehicle, I love the look and I love the car. This page will get updated many times with in the years! When I have my Mach 1 I will post pictures before and after and while it is getting restored! 
The daughter everyone wants, but no one ever gets!! Will go on the back of my Mach 1,  I promise! 
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